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We  make HOP open profiles  on the mill through several pairs of rollers.  We use steel strip thickness of up to 5mm. In this way it is possible to  create different types of profiles with lengths according to customer  specifications. Slicing is performed on a circular saw at an angle of 90  deg related to the axis of the profile.

As  a material that is considered, if not particularly emphasized Č.0361.  Generally, we can make profiles from all types of steel capable for  deformation in the zone of plasticity. The most common are made from hot  rolled strips JUS C.B0.500. For the thickness below 2 mm cold rolled  strips are used. Mechanical properties depend on the type of material,  whereby  some properties are improved, and some are reduced. The limit  of plasticity and tensile strength increase, while elongation decreased.

The  surface of  profiles can include scarring and lynxes to certain measure  as a result of the technological process of production, because the  oxide falls during profile  passing  through the revisor. During  production, a profile thickness remains constant and it's in the  tolerance to hot rolled and cold rolled strips (JUS JUS C.B3.530  C.B3.550) In the area of radius,  a reduction in thickness by 22% is  permitted.  It is not necessary  specially prepare the surface of  profile  for painting, except in cases when it comes from pickled strip  when it is  required  degreasing first.
Syntax  marking profile is : Profile “ x “ height “ x “ width “ x “ thickness  “x” length for example. In 120x60x4x6000. Profiles are packed in  packages when the maximum package weight is 4000 kg.

The  weights given in the table are theoretical calculated,with the specific  weight of steel 7.8 kg / dm3 Actual weights are determined on delivery  by measuring on the scale.

Cold  formed profiles of opened standard or special cross-section of the  structural, alloy steel, are widely used in contemporary building  industry, for making roof structures, pillars, doors and windows ... In  architecture combined with other materials, especially transparent, and  with imagination and futuristic vision of the author it is possible to  implement HOP-profiles  in one compact, functional and contemporary  form.

Any  failure to fulfill obligations gives  buyer the right to complain. In  such cases, the buyer is obliged to deliver the advertised pattern or  provide access on the spot with the obligation to attach a document  about delivered shipments. Shipping is done in agreement with our  customers, by our or his transport. Loading is considered as our  obligation while the buyer organizes unloading.
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Copyright © 2022 Gerber. Sva prava zadržana. Zabranjeno neovlašćeno kopiranje.
Copyright © 2022 Gerber. Sva prava zadržana.
Zabranjeno neovlašćeno kopiranje.
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