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“GERBER-EXPORT” D.O.O“GERBER-EXPORT” D.O.O Vitosevac is a  company founded in 1993 by Dragisa Milenovic under whose leadership it  still operates. Business and manufacturing facilities of around 4000 m2  are stationed in the village Vitosevac, municipality Razanj, at a  distance  of about 15 km from the highway E-75. The main activity is the production of metal structures and making wide use of prefabricated  buildings. The projects are made by our own project documentation and  documentation of the purchaser, or the investor works.

In the drives of “GERBER-EXPORT”  on the available equipment, bridge and cantilever cranes, agricultural  machinery and equipment, metal parts for furniture and other metal products can be made. Specific metal treatment services can also be done at the request of customers.

Commercial society possesses appropriate  equipment for fast and efficient performance of its activities. We have  the machines for chip removing { lathes, milling machines, grinding machines} machines for metal forming - hydraulic press of 300 t,  eccentric presses, cnc - press brakes, hydraulic shears, machines for  bending the tubes and cold formed profiles, punching machines and  cutting materials, appliances and machines for welding of all procedures  MIG, MAG, TIG and MMA, and two lasers for cutting sheet metal. The  chamber and the furnace for the protection of materials electrostatic  processes are found in drives. High-quality and quick installation on  the ground is achieved by auto crane capacity of 35 t. The company "GERBER-EXPORT" employs 35 workers with mechanical profession, three of  which are mechanical engineer. All employees have extensive experience  in the profession.continuous improvement of product quality. The company pay great attention to constant improvement. In  2011 a system  of quality ISO 9001/2008 is introduced. We strive to constantly improved conditions for healthy and safe work of all employees, as well as the preservation of the environment.

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Copyright © 2022 Gerber. Sva prava zadržana. Zabranjeno neovlašćeno kopiranje.
Copyright © 2022 Gerber. Sva prava zadržana.
Zabranjeno neovlašćeno kopiranje.
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